Installation instructions

  1. Ensure the prerequisites are installed:

    • Git
    • Standard ML of New Jersey (version 110.89 or later)
    • GNU Emacs
    • (if running on Windows) Cygwin

    If you are building on Windows, do not use Standard ML of New Jersey version 110.99.3 or 110.99.4.

  2. Obtain the distribution from Github:

    git clone --recursive istari
  3. If you forgot to use the --recursive option in the previous step, populate the cmlib directory:

    git submodule init
    git submodule update
  4. Configure the build script, by copying to, then edit to fill in the INSTALLDIR definition, and to uncomment one of the MKNJEXEC definitions.

  5. Build Istari:

    make smlnj
  6. Install Istari:

    make install
  7. Copy the contents of emacs.customize into your .emacs file, and edit the istari-root definition with the path to the Istari root directory.

  8. (Optional) If you want to receive occasional updates about Istari, submit your name and email address using the form here.